1st Birthday of the KDE Community Forums

As you maybe already read here, we are celebrating the ending of the first year of the KDE Community Forums.
But let me add some personal remarks.

We once started it with 2 people because we just felt the need for it rising (apart from us being just a sort of website guys). We just started from the ground and hoped it would rise to something really helpful for the users AND the developers.

Soon the first contributors showed up, willing to help out in the team. Some of them users, some of them developers. That was already great step for me. And along with the new team members there came a lot of new ideas. What could we provide, how can we improve both, the user experience in the forum AND in KDE.
First idea, klassrooms (don’t discuss with me the obligatory K in it, please 😉 ), they went well. But after some of them we just ran out of manpower, as also other ideas showed up.
Yes, Brainstorm. It was probably the biggest addition we ever did, as it feels for some users as a real different area (Note: as of know it just feels like it, but it isn’t, for the technical interested folks).

I guess you get the other additions from the dot post. But what impressed me most over the time, that we somehow managed to have gotten aware by the developers. Over the time we contacted by developers of specific applications if they could have their own area. Hell yeah, sure you can! 🙂 And they all also integrated well as moderators of their own area.
For those of you not knowing it, this is not taken for granted, especially for OSS forums.
So let me give a big kudo to the developers being active in the forums, although they could stick to mailinglists only.

It was a great year with the forums, as it was with KDE, big improvements in KDE over this time, many of it even making our work as supporters easier. So, devs, keep up the good work, and so will we. 😉
But apart from that, still every volunteer welcome to do maybe a kourse, or provide some feedback, or even give us some new ideas.

3 thoughts on “1st Birthday of the KDE Community Forums”

  1. >I think what you guys have accomplished in one year is nothing short of amazing. While I don't use the forums much I know it is appreciated, which can be seen by just looking a the number of posts, visitors etc… So my congratulations on this first birth day, and may we see many more years of KDE Forums community fun 😀

  2. >I'd just like to agree with, and point out this part:
    "let me give a big kudo to the developers being active in the forums, although they could stick to mailinglists only."

    To me, being able to talk to the devs of a whole bunch of the apps I love, without signing up for a million mailing lists until the end of time, is invaluable, and a big part of what makes the forums great.

    Thankyou to everyone who helped build the forums, and every dev / poster who has helped them become great.

    Happy birthday! 😀

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