KDE Promo Sprint – it’s over now

This day has come to an end now, and with the promo sprint has ended. Unfortunately, i must say. It was a great experience, nice people, and i’d really to see them again in time.

Anyway, what happened today? As there was already much talk on the topics that needed to be discussed, this day was mostly filled with actually doing some real work on it. This included code and test the new structure of the kde site navigation, testing options we have and searching for improvements. I can’t go into too much detail at this point, but once it comes out, you most likely will enjoy it. Really.

At the middle of the day each team presented their work. And of course, some things still needs to be done, but it’s good to be at a point where you actually see what needs to be done in a clear fashion. Now that’s actually my point of view, speaking as a newcomer to the promo world.

What can i take home with me?
– A big bunch of motivation to go further with my work on the kde websites
– Clearly more motivation to also get more involved in the promo parts
– KDE clearly has great people in their community
– I hate speaking english…
– Having a good understanding of what KDE exactly is, helps a lot
– I want Jos’s jacket, it’s great

Probably more, but this is what comes to my mind right now, still being full with the impressions of this weekend. There were also some discussions aside from the main action that could be interesting in the feature, but time will come for that.

So, cooling down now, sleeping and then going on the 8 hour trip back home.

KDE Promo Sprint – Day 2

Day 2 of the promo sprint has found an end, and it’s time to sit down and write about it.
Till now, it was an awesome experience for me to finally meet some faces behind the (mostly) virtual concept of the KDE community. Overall great people and i am feeling more motivated than before to go forward and trying to help out more in the area of the KDE websites (maybe even promo itself now).
So, we are stuck to the room (or better, two of them, to do teamwork). What did we do so far?
It was already mentioned that the main issue was on rebranding KDE. And was worked out so far really seems like a good idea, from the first impression it is way better than before and can really solve some missunderstandings about KDE really is. But we need to wait for the official announcement before saying anything… so, stay tuned and watch the DOT.

Anyway, the main point why i am here is the www part of this sprint. This has some surprises to me, actually. First, i was not aware, that this area is on focus for our beloved promo crowd (at least not at this time). Second, not far ago we already tried some
enhancements to it from the forum team. And as it seems, we were just slightly to early.
There will be some major improvements on the main KDE site, most of that was discussed in the last 2 days. Again, stay tuned to see results (is this called “making your mouth wet” or something?)

Then, one important thing and one of my pet projects, was a discussion about how to introduce new contributors. Well, some maybe know about the “klassroom” project the forum had some time ago. Unfortunately this was not as regularly as it was supposed to be. Just because we went out of manpower for this.

So, this is my call to any contributor to KDE out there: Become a mentor on the forums and do a klassroom session to help out new contributors!. It doesn’t matter which area it is, be it coding, artwork, translation, bughunting, webdeveloping, doc writing, etc. Whichever area you work on for KDE, think of becoming a mentor to involve possible contributors to real life subjects on your topic. Maintainer or not, doesn’t matter. And it is way easier than you think. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact me or one of the forum staff or just visit us on freenode in the channel #kde-forum. Any questions can be answered.

So far so good, bed is calling, last day is coming. Good night everyone.

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