KDE BugWeeks

Yes, the title is weird, you probably know it as BugDay. So why did i write this? Well, after some discussion about a possible klassroom about bughunting we decided to dedicate a full new section to bughunting. Why? Bugs are everywhere, no matter which area. That is sad. But hunting them down is fun actually.
Just think of how fun it would be if you would be able to close a bunch of those bugs. And you always thought it would be that hard. But it isn’t! That’s why we now try to join the bugsquad team with the forum team.
That means, preparation will take place on the forums, and the final bugday (like you know it) can take place on both, the forums and irc.
You will get the help you need to set up your environment and be ready to invest bugs.
Want more info? Visit this topic.

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