Get Involved

Once i have read comics, many comics. Especially those of some superheroes. What i can remember quite well is one comic about superman. It was about a problem with our parallel world. Suddenly there were 2 earths. And Superman’s problem was now to put those 2 worlds together again. To keep it short, he was actually able to handle it. Why do i want to tell this?
What we actually have are 2 different worlds.

The first one is that of a user willing to contribute but not knowing how and where. Maybe it also involves being a bit shy, maybe just not finding the right information or the right place.

The second world is the developers world. They work hard on their product and have a hard time to do it all, always waiting for a new volunteer.

Now, how could these two worlds be approached? Afterall, we want our small family called KDE grow, right? 😉
That’s where “Get Involved” comes into the game.

It is an open call to users who have a special love for a certain project of KDE and would like to contribute.
All of those projects need someone looking after bugs, some promo work or maybe just talking about it. Something everyone could fullfill.
This user will be mentored to get in contact with the projects developers and keeping up with the information needed.
He/She will keep up with new features and how to work with them and probably talk about them in the various communication channels.

This is basically not new, KDE is, like any other open source project, open to every new contributor. What is new though, is to give them a real guidance on the way to it. It is especially important to give them a real list of small tasks that need to be done and point them to it.

Now, there are the klassrooms, which are seeing daylight again. But that is not enough. I see the need to have a coordinated effort to invite new contributors, be it just plain users willing to help out their favourite application or project.

Mentoring can be done on various ways. We could open a dedicated irc channel, but of course also the forums can help with that. A place where mentors and volunteers can exchange questions and ideas. It would be like the bridge between the above two worlds.

So, for any project out there, if you see a need for that, if you want some more support, give me some feedback.

What sort of help does a project need from a user?
– bug triaging (it is much easier when concentrating on just one app)
– writing documentation
– spreading news about new functions or workflows
– testing updates
– what else? (tell it to me)

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