>Loong day

>So finally LinuxIsInnovation’s blog got added to Planet KDE and he also blogged about the starting of the Klassrooms and our new Developers User Group.

But this led to many work for me 😉 Every user needs to be confirmed. And every user one by one needs to be changed to have the new group badget as default on their profile. Sadly only possible in the backend, means, only admins can do that.

Now all the developers want to have this nice badget on their profile and the additional stars. I guess, “Junior Member” is not enough. 😀

Additionally, after i announced the first Kourse on the Forum, we only have one seat out of five left. So whoever still wants to attend, do it fast!

But of course, you can also watch everything happening and maybe attend to the next Kourse. Two of them are already in the queue. So stay tuned!

>Klassrooms starting this weekend on the KDE Forum

>As the title says, this weekend we will start with our first klassroom.
Our mentor msoeken will provide a kourse about fixing 5 bugs in KSnapshot, not big ones. So it should be fairly easy to get your feets wet.

Of course you should already bring along some C++ knowledge, the rest can be discussed. Best is take a look at the Qt Docs or KDE Techbase before the kourse starts.
The number of participants is limited to 5 persons, so be sure to check out the announcement and reply to it as soon as you can, so you get subscribed to the students group.

This is just our first step into getting people to contribute to KDE. We hope this works out. Feedback is always welcome.

>News from the forum

>Everyone driving a forum knows the problem: spammers.
Though i must say we are doing pretty good at that, we have not many problems with them.

But today night one of these showed up again. So i thought about reCaptcha II support for your forum, as Sayak has made me aware of that.
And i thought i should give it a try. Well, now it is implemented, we will see, if it slows down the spam account registration a bit more.

In other news, we now have a User forum for the nice Eigen library, see here.
This forum is moderated by one the lead developers, so you can be sure to get really nice user support.

>New Subforum on forum.kde.org

>I have now added a new subforum on forum.kde.org. The reason behind this was that the board statistics show a big tendency into the discussions forum.
People seem to like to discuss everything around KDE. But we didn’t have a place for general chit-chat discussion. So what to do?

Viola! The KDE Café is now born! (Besides that we already have that on IRC…)

But as always, we still have to honor the Code of Conduct, so we will not accept any disrespectful posts.

Nevertheless, have fun with it.

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