CWG call for nominations

As some of you might already have read on Lydia’s blog the Community Working Group is asking you for nominations for 2 new members.

Recently 2 seats got empty, and now we are trying to give new members the opportunity to fill those. And along with that necessary step we decided to give you (the community) the chance to nominate your favourite candidate.

For those who don’t even know what the CWG does, you can read up here.

So this is your chance to have some influence! You know someone who might be a good candidate and already has proven his/her ability to work inside this community? Or you think you are even able to  yourself? Go and write it to us on community-wg at kde org. 

The nomination period will close soon, so take some minutes, think about it and send us your suggestions. Every input is welcome and can help a lot.


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