Finding the unloved, 2011, part I

As some of you might already have read, it was time again to find those parts of KDE which projects would need some more love. We (the CWG team) requested input from responsible parties to let us know which those projects are. Now, after 2 weeks we are now sadly announcing those, but on the other hand we are eager to see any help coming in.

So, without any particular order, those are the projects reported to us:

KDE Games

  • The maintainers of several games are inactive, so bug reports pile up. On the code side, KSirk should be ported to Telepathy from its own Jabber implementation to reduce code complexity. Helping hands are also desired in updating the GGZ libraries, which enable networked multiplayer games.

contact or majewsky at


  • php, css, html coders needed to maintain kde website infrastructure


  • all kinds of help – The only active maintainer is just trying to plug the crashes and doesn’t have as much time as he did.  He needs someone who can help w/ bug reports/websites/review patches/testing/etc.  No great knowledge of terminals needed for general help.  However, he could use anyone who knows terminals and has time for C++ coding or if you have questions


  • many kinds of help – translations, updating screenshots, adding how-to info, volunteers to undertake agreed maintenance work, adopting specific pages and maintaining them.

contact annew on #kde-www or

KDE on Windows

  • there are lots of 3rd-party dependencies missing. Also, a lot of applications need Windows-specific bits of code.


KDE on Mac

  • almost the same as KDE on Windows



  •  Development:: – KTouch and Kiten are unmaintained, KTouch is a priority while Kiten mlight be scheduled to disapear.
  •  Extract KVTML editor from Kanagram and make it a lib so it could also be included in KHangMan
  •  See if it’s possible to merge KHangMan and Kanagram in one app: first think of a common UI design.
  •  QML use in kdeedu
  • Promo, website: We need more promo work following Code-In submissions: link videos from each app web page, open a page on the website with promo material (logo, usage of logo, t-shirt logo, videos, flyer…)
  • Artwork: Lots of Oxygen icons are missing (app icons, action icons), we need a list of them.

 Contact:kde-edu mailing list ( and


  • Picture Frame applet:: support for javascript PoTD providers (maybe even move current ones to js) and for adding/downloading providers with KNewStuff – Clean code.

Contact:: plasma mailing list ( and


  • website updates, bugfixing, testing, integration with the rest of KDE and/or, #kde-accessibility on irc


  • Mostly the same as the last call for arms: they need maintainers for applications such as KFloppy, kdf, sweeper and ktimer (or maybe those could just be removed once and for all). More hands are also needed in Ark  and KGpg (dakon published a blog post some time ago about how he wasn’t very motivated to work on it).

Contact the mailing list ( or me directly (rakuco on Freenode, kubito at gmail)

If you ask me personally, this list is even too long with only one item, this is far too big. So this is your chance to get involved and get maaany kudos for helping out in one of those areas. If you think your skills could fit or if you are just interested what those tasks would involve just take the necessary step and use the contact details.
Do us a favour and let’s reduce this list to zero!


14 thoughts on “Finding the unloved, 2011, part I”

  1. >yes there are many projects that need more love. but in my opinion one important ist missed: konqueror – the famous swiss knife 🙂 (see the bug and featurewish list on

  2. >Those in the list above are just the projects that were reported by involved persons.
    Konqueror would indeed also come to my mind, but nothing was added by ourselves to the list ( apart from my own favourite building lot kde-www 😛 )

  3. >@Neverendingo
    OK I understand. But maybe making a list(maybe on thechbase) with important but unmaintained kde-projects would be a good idea.
    There could also be an effort to getting students (maybe in the context of gsoc or other students projects)motivated for such tasks. Maybe they are getting famillar with these projects and they are willing to stay.
    I know the question of what is an important program and which not is a very political question. But in my oppinion there are some (good old) kde programs which shouldn't die.

  4. >I personally think you missed JuK, which is probably one of the last programs in the KDE SC still having k3support depends, and which has not been updated for ages.
    Probably this is due the existence of amarok, which is really a great kde mp3 player (even if not the default).

  5. >The problem with such lists is, like always, also those would need to be maintained, and people would need to make us aware of problematic projects.
    JuK might again be a case where even the manpower is missing for making us aware of it. Or our message was just missed, so the idea of "kampf fuer bildung" is quite good, yes.
    Any volunteers to keep it up to date? 😉

  6. >@Anonymous: It was unmaintained but someone stepped in, I hope this new person will be able to work a bit on it. Fingers crossed!

  7. >@Neverendingo: true words, allthough, JuK is maintained by Michael Pyne at the moment, who was quite active lately (just not for JuK :D).
    I just knew the bit of JuK because I did some patches to remove some of the k3support half a year ago, but dropped it for other projects.
    Although, I don't see the point of JuK any longer when Amarok and bangarang are out there (and I'd say that JuK probably could be easier to rewrite than to continue the maintenance of the old ported code).

  8. >@STiAT:
    Well, if you really consider to be one of those projects without a real maintainer you should really ask the corresponding mailinglist. Don't hesitate to ask if the current maintainer is still active.
    And if you feel like it, step in if necessary and offer your help, as you seem to have some knowledge of the codebase.
    Don't be shy, this probably needs to be asked, for any further help you can always contact the cwg on its channel #kde-cwg on freenode or mail me, so i can forward it.

  9. >3 things need love more than anything: proxies, proxies and proxies 🙂

    1. automatic proxy URL does not work.
    2. manual proxy does not allow a username/password to be set at config time.
    3. socks proxy does not work


  10. >In the few months I've using KDE, I see two very-important apps that seem to need developers, however they were ported to KDE4: KPovmodeler (developer are looking for maintainers from july-08: and fontmatrix, without a release from october-09, due to that his main developer is very busy:

    Seems that KDE is sleeping about graphic design apps… 🙁

  11. >The plasma panel is currently in bad state. Arraning applets is like hell, docking with other containers (i.e. other plasma panels, …) is not possible, plasma panels do not take care about each other (will overlap). Also the configuration is very limited.

  12. Maybe add a sticky in the forums (helping hands) and a mention on dot

    I’d vote for added functionality in Ark, currently file-roller is the only Gnome app I need to use

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