>forum.kde.org release party – success?

>After our record attempt our 24 hours lasting thread about congratulations to the KDE 4.2 release is slowly coming to an end. Did we meet our target of 2000 posts? No… As of now we are at 370 posts… Well, we still have it open to finally come to 420 posts, that would be cool.

But let me sum up:

– When i first time entered the forum yesterday, i noticed people already trying to do posts in this particular forum… (it was ~10:00 UTC). Luckily we decided to wait with opening it till the official release announcement arrives. 🙂
– Unfortunately we found out that the new Dot is hosted right on the same server with us… That made us a bit worried about server load etc, since the new Dot as well as our Release Party was meant to arrive at the same time. And both are known for high traffic on such days. Well, as most of you probably saw… it put the server to it’s knees. Some issues were tested out before by us: First, we really need a better caching system for the forum! Second, we also found some possible performance issues on the Dot, that also gets the server to its knees. This will be examined.
– Our normal user visit statistics were ~50 users on the forum. Since the beginning of the day it kept increasing and was already twice the normal when the release announcement came out.

So how did it go:
– Overall impressive, there really was not much need for moderation since all comments were very positive (actually i remember only one comment that was more some sort of a trolling than constructive). And I swear, we didn’t cheat Wink We have logs to prove that! So developers, visit the thread and feel warmly thanked by the users.
– Some users even stated they waited the whole day just to be the first one to congratulate… Nice, i love this community!
– Although we set up the congrats thread to allow posts from guests, we noticed a slight increase in user registrations.
– But we topped it all when someone from our forum team finally wanted to “stress test” our poor server so OhReally slashdotted this event… 😀 That was the point where the server REALLY went on it’s bloody knees… Happened to be the moment when i just restarted my DE on my main account to the shiny new release, what took me about 2 minutes. And returning to the forum showed me 200 users online… short after that 500 (~150 before being slashdotted). Finally we hit a new milestone with 651 users simultaneously online.
– Did i mention that this thread needed only 1 hour to have over 500 visits?
– Now after the day we have topped every other thread so far. Most replies (370 in 24 hours), most visits (>24 000 since it started), and user load still higher than normal. Really really nice.
– Putting that on Slashdot also gave us more than 380 comments over there.

Ok, we are far from our supposed number of 2000 posts but it was worth a try. And after it now settled down, we should again concentrate on the Klassrooms. New contributors are waiting.

I am wondering what we can do for the KDE 4.3 Release… 😉

5 thoughts on “>forum.kde.org release party – success?”

  1. >I’d be interested to hear about the potential performance problems for the Dot. I hadn’t really investigated it too much because I was dead exhausted from working on stuff. One issue is that users have to log in to comment and Drupal only does caching for users who aren’t logged in (for various reasons). Resolving performance issues on the dot would probably mean resolving performance issues with Drupal, and that would be awesome!

  2. >@CitizenKane:

    Yes, we will contact you as soon as the release dust has settled and we found out a bit more.

  3. >I had problems posting at first, because the default username (“guest”) was already taken according to the forum software

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