Git needs YOU

This is as a reminder of those out there who still didn’t convert their account from https to ssh:

Yes, there are still many accounts left to convert, as toma already pointed out. We, the sysadmins really want to get this rolling, so go ahead and answer our invitation mail. You know who you are, you must have got it 😉

5 thoughts on “Git needs YOU”

  1. >Can't you just go, after a certain time, and deactivate those people accounts for the migration? They apparently don't care that much, and its trivial to reactivate the account if they come back.

  2. >@Frank:

    Maybe it is trivial. But the number we are speaking about are only accounts who were active this year with at least one commit.

    37 of those had over 10 commits this year and again 9 of them had over a hundred this year. I wonder why there is no reaction.

    So the accounts in question are important for us. And it would be nice to have them on board right from the start, don't you think? 🙂

  3. >@Ruurd:

    "svn info" on any checkout of the kde repo that you have. If it shows a https: protocol entry, you didn't.
    If you are still in doubt, jump onto #kde-sysadmin on freenode and ask us.

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