>KDE 4.2 release event

>Maybe everybody already heard about the shiny new 4.2 release, and maybe even more people are already using it in the RC version, like myself.

But this event needs to be celebrated even more! Unfortunately not everybody of us can attend one of the release parties all over the globe. So we, the team of the KDE forum, decided to add something to the release parties…

We believe that this release is a milestone in KDE development, so we decided to open the forum (at least in a part) to the whole world. Yes, you read it right, not even a registration is needed. We will open a thread just the day 4.2 will be released and it will be open for 24 hours. And there you can write whatever you want to write about the new release.

Of course, to overcome some sort of trolling, we will moderate very new post, but of course every constructive criticism is welcome.

NOTE: This thread will be ONLY about the 4.2 release, no talk about present releases.

And along with that we want to crack a milestone: Can it be possible to have 2000 posts in one thread in 24 hours on this forum?
We believe it is possible 😉
So please stay with us and show us it is really possible, that this release will be the most talked about release ever!

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