KDE Forums – Something big is about to happen

>Lately there has been a lot of activity in the KDE Forums IRC channel, #kde-forum on freenode. neverendingo, one of the forum admins, also said something interesting this evening:

neverendingo: finally… nightmares from conditional html code…
neverendingo: and bubbles, i see them everywhere…

Now you might wonder, what has bubbles to do with the forum? Unfortunately I can’t give you an answer, but it seems to be related to this picture that has been floating around:

One thing is for sure though: we will find out more in the not-so-distant future.

8 thoughts on “KDE Forums – Something big is about to happen”

  1. >Yes this is Ingo's blog, but it wasn't he who posted this blog entry. So no need to worry, as far as I know he hasn't gone insane yet. 😀

  2. >Some weeks ago there was a post in the KDE forum blog who said they were working on a new theme, so I this is it.

    Right now the forum is "currently undergoing mentenance and is unavailable at this time" so perhaps we might se a new theme today?

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