KDE Promo Sprint – it’s over now

This day has come to an end now, and with the promo sprint has ended. Unfortunately, i must say. It was a great experience, nice people, and i’d really to see them again in time.

Anyway, what happened today? As there was already much talk on the topics that needed to be discussed, this day was mostly filled with actually doing some real work on it. This included code and test the new structure of the kde site navigation, testing options we have and searching for improvements. I can’t go into too much detail at this point, but once it comes out, you most likely will enjoy it. Really.

At the middle of the day each team presented their work. And of course, some things still needs to be done, but it’s good to be at a point where you actually see what needs to be done in a clear fashion. Now that’s actually my point of view, speaking as a newcomer to the promo world.

What can i take home with me?
– A big bunch of motivation to go further with my work on the kde websites
– Clearly more motivation to also get more involved in the promo parts
– KDE clearly has great people in their community
– I hate speaking english…
– Having a good understanding of what KDE exactly is, helps a lot
– I want Jos’s jacket, it’s great

Probably more, but this is what comes to my mind right now, still being full with the impressions of this weekend. There were also some discussions aside from the main action that could be interesting in the feature, but time will come for that.

So, cooling down now, sleeping and then going on the 8 hour trip back home.

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