KDE WebWorld 2011 about to start

As Stuart Jarvis already blogged lately, the KDE WebWorld Sprint is about to start next Wednesday, lasting from 1st to 5th at the awesome Linuxhotel in Essen, Germany.

For those curious, yes, KDE has indeed a bunch of people just showing their support with taking care of KDE’s infrastructure. Those people will meet. Well, at least some of them. Sadly others aren’t able to attend, even though i’d liked to have them around. But there are still enough people attending.
Who are those? We have some hackers, who would like to improve KDE’s own php framework, called Capacity. Might even result in a full rewrite, Emil Sedgh already blogged about it.
Then we have some of support members from userbase around, our most famous wiki. They will improve the overall experience even more, also having the new translation system in mind. Speaking of which, the main hacker for this mediawiki extension will also attend and giving us more insights into the core of mediawiki.
The other wikis might as well get some improvements and finally get its loooong needed update and visual/technical improvement to also use that translation system.
Also, a sysadmin will be around. Some of you might have been aware that much in the server infrastructure has improved lately. We try to make that even better.
Lastly, a very famous KDE designer will attend. Yeah, you might guess there will be some visual improvements in our websites as well.

I won’t tell any names, you will soon hear about them anyway from other blogs.

So, as you can see, our target is high, much needs to be done, but i am pretty sure the awesome location will help us motivating ourselves. This is the first sprint of this sort, and i hope it will be a success and others will follow. No, i am pretty sure about that.

And if you are around that area between 1st-5th June, you might want to stop by and look over our shoulders 🙂


2 thoughts on “KDE WebWorld 2011 about to start”

  1. >Is there an agenda on Community please?

    The French people along with some other countries would like to see some debate o what wouldbe the easiest to have localized KDE websites: should we carry on as now by trying to translate http://www.kde.org without any tool or will something like Okular website adopted? If so, what is needed to do?

  2. >Okular doesn't use any special tools. Capacity is already able to have these translation strings.

    As for the agenda, there is no real agenda, apart from those loosy bits from above. Of course, there are some more, but in no particular order. Mostly due to the changed attendee list it is unsure if we can really all of what we intended to do. Maybe we can provide one on the first day after the initial meeting.

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