New Idea again…

Most of you know I always enjoyed reading about the persons behind KDE.
That made us think we could do something like that on the forum. And Nightrose extended this idea a bit (thanks for that).
Maybe some of you know about digg dialogg. It is a place where you can submit/vote on questions that will be asked to an important person. So it is basically a community driven interview. I really like that aspect.

So what is it technically? It is a threaded display of all possible interviews, where commenters can be voted.
We are a forum, so we have the threaded display. Also, thanks to Brainstorm we already have a voting system in place. All we would need to do is change the topic voting to a post voting.

So, if we find a KDE contributor that is willing to be interviewed we could set up a new topic in this new area and the users can post their questions to this person. After a (yet undefined) time period we close this topic and the 10-20 (?) most popular questions will be handed over to person that will be interviewed.

That’s about it. Oh, i forgot, we found a possible name for this new Area: “KDialog *gearhead = new KDialog;” 😀

So, my question: Users, would you like such thing on the forums? And Contributors, would be willing to get interviewed in such a way?

Please tell me your opinions.

5 thoughts on “New Idea again…”

  1. >I think it's a great idea. Likely many KDE developers will be happy to do such an interview. Looking forward to the questions the people out there come up with… 🙂

  2. >I always liked how slashdot did their interviews. It is essentially the same thing. Commenters post their questions, some of them get modded up, and then the editors give the best few to the interviewee. Works out well. With some tuning to the modding process one could give even more power to the community and less to the editor, although an editor with veto power is likely still necessary.

  3. >@Leo S:
    Yes, along with that we plan to search for an editor with special rights, sure. And new comments will come into the moderation queue first.

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