News from KDE www: pastebin

After a long year of changes in the kde-www land, ranging from looks to scm switches, a final last coup:

KDE is running its own pastebin service now!

What’s special about it, you might want to ask. Several things.
– It is entirely written by our crazy fellow team member Sayak “did i mess up the code again” Banerjee, we have the control over the source, soon to go into
– It is completely ad free (my personal favourite reason for using it)
– It provides the look of the upcoming new kde www look already now, it’s called Chihuahua 2.0
But let’s a bit into the features.
– You can post code snippets, texts, and use syntax highlighting for a nice eye friendly code review.
– You can password protect your code snippets
– You can review previously entered code snippets
– Use RSS notification to get aware of new posts (makes it possible to integrate with an irc bot)
More interesting features are:
– Use the API to post your snippets
– Set an Url dedicated to your project and use this along with your snippets, RSS feeds or archive function, e.g. i just enter the url and welcome to the wonderful world of snippets for our www group.
That should have been all. Wish you have fun with it, use it and spread the word.

15 thoughts on “News from KDE www: pastebin”

  1. >1) Get rid of custom fonts, use common ones, please. Custom "open" fonts often look ugly under alternative OSes.
    2) There's no paste lifetime field (do you really want to store everything forever?) – set it by default to 1 month.
    3) There's no Subject field (which could be interesting for search engines).
    4) Where's pastes' history?
    5) Use no-repeat for the background.

    // Artem S. Tashkinov

  2. >@Anonymous:
    1) Not sure if the artist will like that, we can discuss it though.
    2) Good point, i knew there was something missing. Sometimes some new eyes help 😛
    3) Worth a wish item indeed.
    4) Click on "Archives"
    5) It is a pattern, so using no-repeat would make it look wrong and not like intended

  3. >Great design 🙂

    What about Real time syntax highlighter like for the most frequently used languages? Also having so many of them in the same drop down list is kind a painful to find the right one. I bet you, after a short period of time you will find 3-7 languages accounting for ~80-90% of all pastes 😀

    Also "Home" is kind a confusing word to replace something like "New paste" or "New note"?

    Also vol.2 url suggests it is KDE pastebin, but title uses term "Notes". Ain't it confusing?

    Keep going 🙂

  4. >@Artem

    As of now, we had a set of functionalities in our minds and instead of overloading the app with features, it has been kept simple. But there's always a way for version 2.0 😉

  5. >- archive doesn't use GeSHi for syntax highlighting (isn't that cached anyway?)

    – you miss setting a proper foreground color on the input fields, try the site with a dark kde system color scheme like obsidian coast, it has a bright grey foreground text on the white input fields, very bad

    – someone needs to integrate that with pastebinit

    – as was said already, C++ (Qt), Plain, Ruby, Python, Bash etc. should be in a designated list on top of the other not-so-often used languages

    Good work otherwise!

  6. >I personally love the look of the current font! It fits in quite nicely with the KDE DE.

    Would be a shame to use fonts that would not integrate as well into it.

  7. >What about API docs integration? It would be really helpful imo to have that included and one of the great benefits to have your own pastebin for your project. This is likely a complex feature, so that might take a bit of time and testing.

  8. >

    should contain one back slash. It has two. Consider this a bug report 🙂

    // Artem S. Tashkinov

  9. >Nevermind, it was a configuration issue (not a code issue) so hopefully should be fixed now.

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