got a facelift

Some of you might know, i am always trying to improve the experience of our KDE websites. Last improvement was Userbase (if you don’t know that yet, go and visit it!).

Now we have a new facelift. Some might have seen it, is now our project management facility. But its look was a plain default redmine one.

But with some help of our artist Eugene Trounev we were able to change that. So take a look. Hope you all enjoy it and still find it usable.

14 thoughts on “ got a facelift”

  1. >Nice one! I wish the same color scheme would be used in all KDE sites, it's bit darker which makes it look a lot better imo.

  2. >Why does Konqueror show default redmine favicon, while Firefox and Rekonq show KDE icon?
    Is this a bug in Konqueror or in

  3. >@last Anonymous:

    That is a caching issue in the browser itself. clear whole cache and you get the favicon in each of them 🙂

  4. >If you're looking for a new project, how about giving a readability improvement, it's almost impossible to frind stuff with its ugly mishmash of font sizes, colours and boxes, especially compared to the lovely new Qt theme.

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