4 years in 6 minutes

Another post about looking back and what has happened. This time i can probably show you something nice.

Userbase is in its fourth year, and maybe you want to see what has droven it in the past, how did it grow and who has influenced it most.

So here is a codeswarm video about userbase contributions from the last 4 years, in about 6 minutes. You might want to watch it, it is more surprising than you might think now.

(Direct link: http://vimeo.com/56486573)

For those regular contributors to userbase, can you spot your name? Or can you spot a certain event that has influenced your amount of edits?

I can at least give a hint. The explosion in around mid 2010 happened when we introduced the awesome translate extension for mediawiki. Which also gave me a hard time rendering this video, considering the amount of translations coming in… 😉

But enough about this, have fun finding your name. And more importantly, wishing you a happy new year and a lot of nice things to happen.

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