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Some readers might remember, some time back we talked about setting up stats for most of our KDE Websites. Yes, we did. And i thought it is time to share something of that with you, my highly interested readers 😉

Let’s compile a chart of our most viewed sites.
It’s no surprise, our highly dynamics sites are ranking very high. But which and how? Let’s see:

10: (1139 unique visitors a day)
The youngest of our wikis goes to the last place in our chart. Not a big surprise, project specific documentation is done in various places these days, not only in that wiki. But at least it got into the top ten 10, nice. Improvements can be sorted out.
Some other facts:

  • USA ruled out Germany with a difference of over 3000 requested pages. The next follower – Great Britain – is already over 13000 requested pages below Germany.
  • Visits duration is 252 seconds
  • 68.4 % directly enter, only about 10% come from a search engine and approximately 20% find their way from a link on another site.

9: (1159 unique visitors a day)
This was a little surprise and i want to congrat the folks responsible for that. No other module specific website comes close to that value. And it even has beaten one of our global wikis. Keep up the good work!

  • 77.1% enter that site directly, only 5% come from a search engine and 17.7% followed a link on a different site
  • the visits duration is not that different than the above

8: (2158 unique visitors a day)
Even though the URL seems to be new the site itself is not, formerly known as

  • Like expected from a blog aggregation the visits duration is now a bit higher: 502 seconds average
  • Nearly all visitors view that site through a feed reader

7: (2598 unique visitors a day)
Another blog aggregation platform and still, not that many visitors. At least probably not that sufficient to widely spread news.

  • visits duration is a bit lower again, 309 seconds. Shorter texts maybe?
  • again the biggest part of the viewers use a feed reader

6: (2716 unique visitors a day)
Everybody needs documentation, if one likes or not. This site’s hits and the next ones will show.

  • Here we have a surprise. 53.1% of the visits come from – tada! – Windows! Only 41.5% use Linux as their operating system
  • And also now we have way more connections from a search engine, namely 49.6%

5: (2928 unique visitors a day)
Developer documentation and tutorials. Yes, expected that this site will rank high. No need for more words.
And also, no interesting facts to tell.

4: (3108 unique visitors a day)
No documentation, but an official source for news and updates. But did you expect it to be only #4?

  • This is the first site in this top ten where the use of Konqueror is above Firefox with 22.6% (Firefox 22.4%)

3: (4336 unique visitors a day)
Our wiki superhero platform. Great team, always taking care to provide the best source of information, they clearly deserve that rank.

  • When watching the most viewed pages, i notice there is a big demand for app pages users do worry about most, like Akonadi, Kontact, Plasma etc.

2: (8018 unique visitors a day)
And that makes me a little proud, my baby enters the second rank with ease 🙂 Parents couldn’t be more proud.
Sadly no kicking facts to tell for this one.

1: (16215 unique visitors a day)
And this shouldn’t come to you as surprise in any way. But would you have expected that number? What is your thought about that?

  • 356 seconds as average visits duration. Not bad. Some of the above pages are more informational and still worse than that.

Note: due to our caching system the stats may not be very exact, and also they change from hour to hour. This is meant to give a fun overview of what we provide on our web platform.

So what can we learn from that?
Basic values are more or less the same across all domains, like demographical values, browser/os usage. But overall we can say there seems to be a real need for documentation and information, either project news or general ones.
And we reach quite many people out there, probably more than some of you have expected. Now the question is how can we keep that state or even better, improve it and reach even more? I leave that question up for discussion.


8 thoughts on “Top Ten of the most viewed KDE Websites”

  1. >Planet kde and the Dot are by default on akregator (at least on my distro), so many people (like me) are aware of the content of those sites even without visiting them 😉

  2. >Nice. One thing that sticks out is that every other site with exception of uses format. Even is redirected to the page. It would be nice if that could be changed, even though it is probably important only in my questionably perfectionist brain and shouldn't be taken seriously :d

  3. >Wow, I didn't expect Userbase to pull that many visitors for some reason – I thought most wouldn't get past the app pages on I'll have to look into improving the pages for my apps. Thanks for this information!

  4. >I'm curious, do you know how many are going to the Krita page at userbase?

    We were just talking on the Krita mailing list about the level of importance of finishing the manual. Obviously I'd expect to see more traffic if it was finished, but it would be good to know as a general guide…

  5. >There are many people reading planetkde blogs without using the website. There is a bot that posts all planetkde blogs on reddit and there are more visits from there than all other sites together.

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