Webworld 2011 – Day 0

Hey folks at Randa, we have nice weather and just made a barbecue 😉

Yes, this is the day of arrival of this handful of awesome guys. The picture shows Tom Albers and Eugene Trounev trying to manage the correct  height for our grill.

They did quite fine, it tasted good and we had enough to make everyone replete.

Eugene also made some adjustments to the meat i never ate before, thanks for that, quite nice.

Anyway, back to topic. This is the day of the arrival for all the attendees. It was mosty relaxing until everyone arrived.
The location is awesome. Funny geek toys everywhere, nice crazy hotel rooms sometimes, but overall, i vote for making the next webworld sprint happen at exactly the same place. Yes, i say that already after half a day.

Now, after our wonderful barbecue we also got some musical interruption, thanks to Hans Chen:

But then we decided to use the late evening to really discuss something so we have a good base for starting up tomorrow. Quite interesting discussion followed,  more to come, i am sure.

It was (or is) already late, so we will continue tomorrow.
All i can say it will be a great event with some big points to make. Some will be done this weekend, some might not, but at least laid out as plan for the next months. Not much more to expect from such a small group.
Agenda follows tomorrow noon.

Some other pics:

Our grill in action

The crowd eating

Eugene working really hard on new designs (dude, our logo is still missing!)

Anyway, time to catch some sleep, day starts early. Stay tuned. And wait for the things to happen.


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