will be back and what you should be aware of

As you might have been aware of by now, broke down. Sysadmins are working hard to get it back online.

And soon it will. Now here is the problem: It could be possible that the last commit on for your repo isn’t that up to date as it should. If that happens and you try to force an update to your local clone and you notice an issue, then

please immediately notify the sysadmins without doing anything else

So they can try to find the difference between your local version and the git version.
Ideally you should also stay away from scratch repos until further notice.

It would look like this:

[email protected]:~/dev/src/kf5{frameworks}$ git fetch
From git://
+ abd4e22...6ae50bc frameworks -> origin/frameworks (forced update)
+ 67939b1...9c6a5be master -> origin/master (forced update)

You can reach them on freenode via IRC on channel #kde-sysadmin or on their internal mailinglist [email protected]

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