Wanted: ruby hacker! (Part II)

Our dear planet readers should have seen it, toma asked for ruby hackers who would be able to write a plugin for hooking in our commitfilters to projects.kde.org, based on chiliproject.

Now, i’d like to extend that request. Some might have seen it, our webteam is trying hard to integrate a common look to our websites, called Neverland. Of course, projects.kde.org should also get that look. But as toma already stated, neither sysadmins nor the webteam hackers are really able to handle RoR code. The raw look is done, and available in skeleton html files, as well as the images/css/js via our CDN. It just needs the ruby code.

So for those interested in the plugin, and maybe even in the theming, feel free to contact us either in the #kde-sysadmin channel on freenode, or in our webteam channel at #kde-www or via mail to [email protected] or [email protected]

2 thoughts on “Wanted: ruby hacker! (Part II)”

  1. I’m so utterly gutted, because I would *love* to do this. Sadly, it’s simply not possible right now because of time constraints. I wish you the best of luck, though. Ruby is really easy to pick up actually. If noone steps up, you could probably get up to speed over a couple of weekends.

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